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Guild of Writers Releases Gehn.16!

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The always-busy programmers at the Guild of Writers have released the latest version of their own shard...Gehn.16!  While no new content with this release (however, stay tuned for more later!), there are a few nice behind-the-scenes changes that fix a couple of functions and modify things to speed the game up even further, even for older computers!

Here's a list of fixes for this release:

  • Ensure there is always a progress indicator while linking.
  • Fix /savecolumns.
  • Fix Age invite display.
  • Fix collision issue in Fehnir's House.
  • Improve skinning. (Less lag on old CPUs!)
  • Update game data (PRPs) to MOULa 1.918.
  • Integrate non-deterministic fractal surfaces.

IMPORTANT: Due to Cyan's latest update, you will need to take a few extra steps to update Gehn BEFORE you run the client.

  1. Delete the "TOS.txt" file from your MOULa installation.
  2. Update MOULa to 1.918 by running their client.
  3. Copy the "dat" folder from your MOULa installation to Gehn shard's installation.
  4. Run Gehn shard's client to update that as well.

Note that if you do not do this, Gehn will NOT run properly!

Keep checking back for news on Gehn.17 and any other updates on the various shards!

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